Custom Designs

I'm very happy to be able to provide custom designs!  This page will hopefully answer any questions you might have about customizations and personalization.

Some tees are designed to be personalized and the price of personalization is built into the listed price.  Personalization is simply adding a name to an existing design.  A custom name can be added to any design for an additional $5. Add a Name Listing

Custom tees are available as well.  Two types of customizations exist.  The first is if you see a design you really love but would like to change the wording to fit your needs.  The charge for this customization is $10 Customization Add on

The second type is a fully custom design.  In this you would provide me with the idea for your custom and any requests as far as wording, colors, graphics (flowers, elephants, a lemon for example) and then I would create a custom design for you.  The charge for a fully custom design is $15, to compensate me for my design time.  This is very affordable in the world of custom designs because often I fall in love with your ideas and decide to add the design to the shop.   If you have a strong preference against this please let me know ahead of time.

Things to note:

- I will not take custom orders for designs based on tees from other shops.  I do my best to be as original as possible, and copying another's designs isn't right or fair

Examples of custom designs:


Please direct any further questions to my email:, or send me a message using the Facebook chat box on the bottom right of your screen. :)